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Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Events and fun activities for social occasions, on smartphone and tablet.

Putting the ‘app in appealing

Take teamwork, friendly rivalry and fun to new heights on one of our innovative team building challenges.

✔ Outdoor and Indoor challenges
✔ Available worldwide
✔ City/town, hotel, conference venue, museum, home or anywhere you can think of
✔ Single centre or multiple location events
✔ Choice of theme and duration
✔ Opponent tracking
✔ Live scoreboard
✔ In-app team messaging
✔ Use own phones/tablets if preferred
✔ Any number/mix of devices per team
✔ Self-run and Fully-facilitated options
✔ Choice of theme and duration
✔ Ready-to-run or Tailor-made
✔ Book, turn up and enjoy!


Game on!

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Popular Team building locations in the UK

Popular team building locations in England

Popular places in the South East include London, Oxford and Windsor. Canterbury, High Wycombe, Portsmouth, Reading and Southampton are also options.

Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham and Plymouth make good venues in south west England.

For the Midlands consider Birmingham, Nottingham or Stratford-upon-Avon.

In the east of England, favourite spots for team events include Cambridge and Norwich.

Chester, Liverpool, Manchester are popular team building locations in the north west.

In Yorkshire and Humberside head for Leeds, Sheffield or York.

Popular team building locations in Scotland

Glasgow and Edinburgh are excellent places for team events. Also consider Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Perth, St Andrews or Stirling.

Popular team building locations in Wales

Cardiff and Swansea are the two main cities for team events.

Popular team building locations in Northern Ireland

Good places include Armagh, Belfast, Derry, Londonderry and Newry.

Popular Team building locations in Europe


Vienna is a good choice.


Bruges and Brussels are well liked.

Czech Republic

Prague is the stand out location.


Copenhagen is a top city for a team event.


Paris is worth a visit.


Berlin, Cologne and Munich are good choices for team events.


Athens offers plenty as a destination.


Budapest is ideal for a team event.


Cork and Dublin will welcome you.


Florence, Rome and Venice.

Netherlands / Holland

Team events in Amsterdam.


Team events in Lisbon.


Team events in Barcelona and Madrid.


Team events in Zurich.

Popular team building locations in North America


Team events in New York and San Francisco.


Team events in Toronto.

Popular team building locations in Asia


Team events in Bangkok.


Team events in Hong Kong.


Team events in Singapore.

Popular team building locations in Australasia

New Zealand

Team events in Auckland.


Team events in Sydney.

Hi-tech team building event not for you?

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