Scavenger™ key features

Wave goodbye to this…

  • Clues and maps on paper.
  • Teams “play” but don’t actually compete or interact.
  • Teams have no idea how they or others are doing until it’s too late.

Say hello to Scavenger ™

  • A ‘proper game’ where teams can see and react to what their opponents are doing.
  • Teams are able to influence the course of play and the outcome by their own moves and tactics.
  • Video, GPS, maps, apps, camera and the internet combine to deliver a dynamic experience.
  • Live scoring, in-game missions and opponent tracking add a unique tactical element.
  • An event with high levels of participant engagement, group interaction and friendly rivalry.

Key Features of Scavenger ™

  • Play in teams – with friends, family or colleagues.
  • Games for all – choose from our range or get one tailor-made.
  • Play anywhere – available worldwide, outdoors and in.
  • Multi-location games – for players in different locations.
  • Play on iOS or Android – all you need is at your fingertips on smartphone or tablet.
  • Easy to play – our easy-to-use app controls the game.
  • Share for free – only one smartphone/tablet per team is required, but any number of devices are allowed at no extra game charge. Great for multi-tasking teamwork.
  • Have fun – tackling a range of missions while watching your opponents.
  • Get creative – with camera, video, internet, GPS etc. in the palm of your hand the possibilities are endless.
  • Think smart – missions vary in style, difficulty, skills needed and points value. Teams can tackle missions in any order and ignore or retake missions as they see fit within the time available. New missions could arrive at any time!
  • Outwit your opponents – and hold your nerve in a battle of tactics. Check the live league table to see how everyone’s doing. Use the instant activity feed to see what they’re doing and where they are. Will your team be tempted to reconsider missions or go for broke? It’s all part of the drama.

Game on!

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