X Marks The Spot defines a theme as a thread that runs throughout your event.

A theme could appear in the missions, answers, team names, branding and even what participants wear!

If you’d like your Scavenger™ game customised with a theme you are free to suggest your own, or we can help with ideas and experience.

Either way, we’ll craft something unique and memorable for you.

Popular themes often relate to:
The occasion – good for a hen do, birthday party, marriage proposal, wedding reception and anniversary celebration. The  missions can be themed around the life or interests of the individual or couple who is the centre of attention – making the treasure hunt a truly personalised experience.

The group taking part – good for schools where the theme might be a particular subject or place of interest and for corporate groups where the theme could be a sales conference message, a product, or job/department related such as a finance or legal theme.

The time of year – Easter, Christmas or St Valentine’s Day for example.

A topical event – Wimbledon tennis, Football World Cup, British Open Golf, Olympics,  University boat race. Good for groups or individuals with a particular sporting interest. These themes often influence the scoring format of the treasure hunt game, the missions and team names.

Specific interests of an individual or group – Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, Celebrities, Charles Dickens, TV, Sport, Royal family, Beer, Travel, Shakespeare, History, Fashion, Ghosts, Films, Animals, Current affairs, Music and so on.

Bespoke storylines – Spies, Corporate Espionage, Murder Mystery etc.

Games, TV programmes & Quiz shows – Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo, The Apprentice, The Chase, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Crystal Maze, Amazing Race etc. While these can be linked to the scoring format they can be themes in their own right too.

Some themes are particularly good for developing particular skills such as negotiating, communication, planning, creative thinking, resourcefulness, collaboration, problem-solving and leadership.

As you might expect, themes stimulate X Marks The Spot’s creative juices and we’ve handled some pretty sophisticated and unusual requests!

If you’d like a theme, please mention it when you contact us.

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