Smartphones and tablets

Hire phones/tablets or use your own

    • Use your own smartphone or your own tablet with SIM card. Alternatively, hire mobile devices through us or organise your own hire.
    • If using your own mobile devices the onus is on you to check that each device is suitable and has a suitable data plan.
    • Our app runs on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
    • For Apple devices iOS 8 or later is required, so you’ll typically need an iPhone5 (or later model) or at least an iPad4, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air or iPad Pro.
    • Android devices must have operating system 4.1 or later. Most recent Android phones and tablets from Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC etc should therefore be suitable, but you must check the specific device.
    • Smartphones and tablets will require the ability to access the local data network (3G or 4G) either via local SIM card or data roaming.
    • If data roaming, many networks now allow you to use your home plan overseas at little or no extra cost. Check with your network provider.
    • Data usage is very low, typically under 40Mb per device – a small fraction of typical inclusive data allowances.


As many mobile devices as you want

  • You need at least one phone/tablet per team but there’s no upper limit – so everyone can take part fully.
  • A team can have a mix of different types of suitable devices.
  • We don’t charge for additional phones/tablets if using your own.
  • Each team has a password-protected logon that each device signs into. Proof of completion of any mission can be submitted from any device in the team.
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