Culture Vulture

Culture VultureCulture Vulture is a fast-paced game in selected museums where teams compete against the clock and each other in a variety of challenges that make exploring the museum fun.

There’s a live scoreboard during the game and automated scoring. No need for answer marking at the end – the team on top of the leaderboard when the app times out, wins!

Best for teams with limited time that are self-sufficient and looking for a quick and fun hi-tech weatherproof event that gets them thinking and moving.

The Game
  • Culture Vulture is a self-run event.
  • Available in over 20 popular museums across the UK.
  • Competitive event for 2 or more teams. Up to 5 people per team.
  • Choose the location and number of teams when you book.
  • Choose from 90 mins, 2 hours or 2 hours 30 mins duration.
  • Flexible format. Challenges can be tackled in any order any team.
  • Explore your chosen museum. Puzzles, photos, lateral thinking and local trivia offer something for everyone.
  • Correct answers earn points. In-game automated scoring.
  • Live scoreboard and running league table of teams during the game.
  • When the app times out, the team at the top of the leaderboard wins!
  • Use your own familiar smartphones – at least one per team.
  • Extra mobile devices allowed at no extra charge – great for sharing, teamwork and multi-tasking.
  • Popular for specific interest groups, those who enjoy museums but don’t want to spend all day there, hen/stag do and social events.

Find out more:
Mobile device Info  |  Booking Info 

Game locations - 24 UK museums
Ulster Museum
National Media Museum
City Museum & Art Gallery
M Shed
Fitzwilliam Museum
National Museum of Wales
National Museum of Scotland
Scottish National Gallery
Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
Royal Armouries Museum
British Museum
Imperial War Museum
National Gallery
National Maritime Museum
National Portrait Gallery
Natural History Museum
Tate Modern
Victoria & Albert Museum
Imperial War Museum North
National Football Museum
Peoples History Museum
Museum of Science & Industry
Ashmolean Museum
National Railway Museum

Price in £ sterling excluding VAT

90 mins 120 mins 150 mins
2 teams from 349 from 499 from 649
3 teams from 474 from 624 from 774
4 teams from 599 from 749 from 899
5 teams from 724 from 874 from 1024
6 teams from 849 from 999 from 1149
7 teams from 974 from 1124 from 1274
8 teams from 1099 from 1249 from 1399
9 teams from 1224 from 1374 from 1524
10 team from 1349 from 1499 from 1649

Add £100 for locations outside the UK.

Subject to availability. Once booked, your game is guaranteed and protected from any price changes that may occur.

The price includes:

  • Secure access to our app
  • Pre-game set-up – allow 20 minutes prior to your game
  • A game of your chosen duration on foot
  • Teams of up to 5 people each
  • Instructions and team passwords
  • Unlimited number of mobile devices per team

Customer responsibilities:

  • Determine the teams
  • Provide at least one suitable fully-charged smartphone or tablet per team
  • Arrange insurance, if desired
  • Organise prizes, if required
  • Decide meeting points before and after the game
Optional Extras

Culture Vulture is a self-run event package.

If you’d like the app branded with a company logo or picture this costs £30. Please let us know at time of booking.


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